Favourite room: Wardrobe

The dream of the many, the preserve of the few: a walk-in wardrobe. Versatile furniture systems from Nolte now make this dream come true – for everyone!

A dressing room is the ultimate luxury for fashionistas and anyone who simply loves their clothes. After all, here you are literally surrounded by your treasures. Trousers, pullovers, T-shirts, shoes – everything has its place and looks its best when sorted by colour, style or pattern. To be honest, a walk-in wardrobe is a bit like shopping in your favourite boutique. Except you can do it every day. In your own home.

The customised solution for large and small spaces.

Thanks to flexible furniture systems from Nolte, the fun starts from the moment you start planning your dressing room. Create your own unique solution from the huge variety of wardrobes, shelf and chest of drawers modules in all sorts of sizes, shapes and combinations. Round a corner, occupying two, three or four walls: shape the space just the way you want it! And made-to-measure elements are available to help you use every centimetre if there is any space left over. For example, bespoke chests of drawers and wardrobes liberate lost space under sloping ceilings, shelves can be fitted to accommodate doors and windows and precisely tailored wardrobes extend right up to the ceiling to provide ample storage space for rarely used or seasonal clothing.

It is important to choose the right modules – so don’t just look at the room, look at all your clothes. And think about what you need to store them. We have to find space for a wide range of garments in our wardrobes. This makes a combination of shelves and hanging spaces as well as closed elements and drawers ideal. Your Nolte specialist will tailor every corner to your own requirements so your tie collection, evening dress and everything else gets the place of honour it deserves. The rest is simply a question of taste: whether you prefer a high quality wood finish, plain white or striking dark colours – Nolte offers product lines to suit every style. This allows you to match the design precisely to your other furnishings if you want to integrate your walk-in wardrobe directly into your bedroom. Even if you don’t have a whole room “going spare”, you don’t have to abandon your dream of a walk-in wardrobe: perhaps there is a short passage from the bathroom to your bedroom? Or a gable end too poky for a normal wardrobe? Or an empty corner in the hallway? The fact is that you can turn virtually any unused niche or even an area of your bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe in next to no time. And, because you can adapt it perfectly to the dimensions of the room, it often uses the available space more efficiently than a standard square wardrobe.

A dressing room is a place to feel good.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere takes planning. The right furnishings are just one of the key factors. Lighting is the other. Ensure that your walk-in wardrobe has good lighting with a natural feel – even if the room has a number of windows. After all, you want to be able to assemble your harmonious ensembles in the evening.

Another essential: a large mirror to ensure that everything fits perfectly. And if you still have some space, simply decorate it with a few carefully selected accessories.

This will give the room even more personality and a cosy lived-in look. For example, attractive baskets conceal your laundry until washday, small caskets or glass boxes provide a home for jewellery and sunglasses. A velvet pouffe provides an ideal seat for putting on shoes and lends a touch of Parisian chic. Add a vase of colourful flowers and a fluffy carpet under your feet – and you will never want to leave your new favourite room again!


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Charlotte Meindl – interior design & lifestyle journalist from Munich