Pull-out rails mounted on ball bearings guarantee that the drawers run quietly and smoothly. The high-quality fittings make them glide as easily as if they were weightless. A dampened self-closing mechanism ensures they close quietly. The door hinges are also fitted with a dampening mechanism.


Drawers should not only offer excellent storage capacity. They should also work smoothly for many years. We rigorously test our drawer technology in our laboratory by opening and closing the mechanism 40,000 times. So you can be certain that they will work perfectly for years to come.


An overflowing underwear drawer is no place for exquisite lingerie. Classic materials like silk or embroidery can be damaged by the friction. And the worst part? Folding those delicate underwired bras to save space quickly wears down the material at the seams. Our advice: use a divider to structure the drawer and let your expensive underwear relax in comfort.