Storage space to spare and plenty of room for extras

When you choose a Nolte wardrobe, you choose plenty of space. Or more aptly: you choose abundant,
flexible space that you can structure, personalize and tailor to suit your clothes – all with the help of Nolte accessories. Discover our carefully designed accessory system and get ready for a tidier future.

Open spaces for your own ideas.

Your options.
Your call.

» Lightings
» Drawer blocks
» Shelving fitments
» Tie and belt racks
» Trouser holder
» Shoe racks
» Laundry bags


2121 of the endless possible ways of matching your wardrobe to your individual clothing needs.


Different looks

Birch wood finish

Twist linen look


Drawer Glassline

Drawer Woodline

Drawer, standing unit

Drawer, hanging unit

1) 2 drawers free-standing floor unit // 2) 4 drawers free-standing floor unit

1) 1 drawer hanging unit // 2) 2 drawers hanging unit

Drawer organizer

Birch wood finish

Twist linen look

Shelving fitments

Wardrobe shelving fitments can be mounted on the right or left side.

Shelving fitment
Interior partition

Shelving insert

Shelving insert for bags


Pull-out shelf with railing

Pull-out shelf without railing

Interior mirror

Rotating interior mirrors

Sliding interior mirrors

Extendable interior mirrors

Textile boxes
Add-on shelf unit

Extension coat rack for wardrobe side When your alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning to get you to the airport on time, you don’t necessarily have to share the joy of waking up that early with your entire family. Hang out your outfit in the evening and, in the morning, with eyes half closed, sneak into the bathroom.

Drawer dividers for chests

H1 drawer divider

H2/H3 drawer divider