20 tips and ideas for a better organised wardrobe

Trousers, shirts, belts, shoes – where to put your favourite clothes both large and small? We show you the secrets of organising and saving space in your wardrobe.

1. Sorting and planning strategy.

Review your clothes to work out how much space you need for each type of garment. This will help you to calculate the required numbers and types of hanging rails, compartments, boxes etc.


2. Sort your garments according to size, type and season.
Divide them into clothes for summer, winter, spring and autumn. You should also separate smaller (e.g. belts, ties) and larger items (e.g. coats, dresses) in advance.

3. Set priorities.
Place your favourite clothes at eye level. Store items you need less frequently (e.g. ski suit) higher up or at the back.

4. More flexibility in your wardrobe.
Mobile wardrobe fittings such as a pull-out trouser holder or swing-down rail for dresses help you to keep a clear overview and get the most out of your space. For example, you will love the mobile trouser holder if you want to hang suit, dress and leisure trousers tidily and with easy access – rather than stack them with the inevitable creasing. In addition, a swing-down rail with clothes hangers offers an extra rail whenever necessary, e.g. for hanging visitors’ jackets.

5. Make it airy.
Perhaps the most important rule: Don’t stuff clothes in or stack them too high. Airy spaces automatically make wardrobes look more organised.

6. Plan your routes.
You are now ready to move your clothes into your beautiful wardrobe. But before you fill up the shelves, think once again about how you get dressed and the order in which you need your clothes. Remember: you shouldn’t have to bend down or reach up to pick out clothes you need to change every day.

7. Where do the shoes go?
Store shoes you wear regularly on pull-out shoe racks for easy access. The ones you need less often can be stored in boxes – well protected against dust.

8. A propos dust.
If it’s not protected, sooner or later it will get dusty. So the best way to keep your festive outfits clean and fresh is by using a garment bag.

9. Smart and wrinkle-free
Rod holders on the inside of the door and pull-out tie and belt racks allow you to organise fabric accessories and store them without creasing (e.g. scarves). Or, if you prefer, you can also use a rod holder to hang up your favourite necklace, bikini or hair band.

10. Ready for the hook.
Pivoting and fold-down hooks are a “must have” if you want to hang up a special piece of clothing in a prominent position for a short time. Our tip: before going to bed, assemble your outfit for the following day and hang it up on a mobile hook. Then you can be ready to go in no time. Looking great and well prepared for the day ahead.

11. Why storage baskets?
You can keep all sorts of things in a storage basket. Baskets prevent things from rolling around and creating chaos in your wardrobe. They are simply unbeatable for collecting seasonal items like hats, gloves and scarves or for baseball caps and sunglasses.

12. Pull-out shelves – odds ‘n’ ends served up with style.
Pull-out shelves with a railing system help you to find your smartest accessories (e.g. chic hats or silk gloves) quickly and easily. You can also use them to exhibit necklaces or watches as you would find them in a jeweller’s shop. From silk shawls to clutch bags, a pull-out shelf offers you an instant overview of your favourite accessories.

13. In the box.
Drawer blocks allow you to view everything from above. They help you to locate clothes without rummaging around in the back of your wardrobe. Dividers inside the drawers ensure that smaller items (e.g. socks and underwear) stay organised. Intelligently partitioned drawer blocks are therefore a practical way to store and protect fine lingerie, cufflinks or rolled ties.

14. More space for bags.
The lower section of the wardrobe (e.g. below the drawer blocks) is the ideal place for bags because you don’t change your bag every day. Remember: the lower an item is stored, the further you have to bend. This makes the bottom of the wardrobe perfect for bags and suitcases you use less frequently.

15. See things in a new light.
Wardrobes need a good lighting concept too. Light strips and spots illuminate the interior of your wardrobe.

16. Mirror, mirror…
It’s so useful to be able to look in the mirror when picking your clothes for the day! And there is another advantage: mirrors make walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms appear more spacious.

17. A closer look at hangers.
Check that clothes hangers have a brushed surface to prevent garments from sliding off.

18. Wow, that smells good.
Place a room scent in a compartment of your wardrobe and your clothes will not only look tidy but also smell deliciously fresh.

19. Mobile steps.
A small but practical step stool is more than a handy seat – you can also stand on it to reach the upper shelves.

20. Ask an expert.
Nolte dealers are always pleased to help you measure, plan and get the most out of your wardrobe

You can find an overview of useful accessories from Nolte here.


Michaela Richter – architecture & interior design journalist from Dresden